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Dutch Plane Carrying Malaysia Airlines Jet Victims Leaves Ukraine (NY Times | International)

The plane, carrying 16 bodies, is the first in what will be a long series of flights to repatriate those killed when the jet was downed ...
Source: NY Times | International | 2014-07-23

Sinosphere Blog: 5 Detained in China Over Processing of Spoiled Meat (NY Times | International)

Five people have been detained in China in an investigation of the use of expired or rotten meat to make products for fast-food ...
Source: NY Times | International | 2014-07-23

VIDEO: Frustration as Israel flights suspended (BBC | World)

Several airlines have suspended flights to Israel after a rocket from Gaza landed near Ben Gurion ...
Source: BBC | World | 2014-07-23

Netherlands prepares to receive MH17 victims (Aljazeera | International)

Grieving relatives in the Netherlands prepare to receive loved ones as bodies of MH17 victims are set to leave ...
Source: Aljazeera | International | 2014-07-23

Gaza under fire: Live blog (Aljazeera | International)

Live updates on Israel's military offensive in the Gaza ...
Source: Aljazeera | International | 2014-07-23

Dozens dead in Baghdad suicide blast (Aljazeera | International)

Officials say at least 31 people killed and 58 injured in suicide car bombing at police checkpoint in Iraq's ...
Source: Aljazeera | International | 2014-07-23

Israel pounds Gaza amid renewed truce efforts (Aljazeera | International)

Israeli forces target multiple sites across Gaza, as US secretary of state arrives in Tel Aviv to pursue ...
Source: Aljazeera | International | 2014-07-23

Costa Concordia Begins Journey to Italian Port (NY Times | International)

The ill-fated cruise ship was recently lifted to the surface, two and a half years after it ran aground in an accident that killed 32 ...
Source: NY Times | International | 2014-07-23

Sinosphere Blog: Town in Northwest China Sealed After Man Dies of Plague (NY Times | International)

The police in Yumen, Gansu Province, closed the city on Tuesday as a precaution after health officials said a man had died of pneumonic ...
Source: NY Times | International | 2014-07-23

They Did This? In Rebel Country, Disbelief (NY Times | International)

In eastern Ukraine, many residents may side with the pro-Russian rebels, but they don’t see the fighters as capable of having ...
Source: NY Times | International | 2014-07-23

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